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Viking Winchlines

    Compared to Steel Cable, Viking Winchlines are:

    • Stronger:  30% greater breaking strength
    • Lighter:  85% less weight
    • Safer:  the superior alternative for life safety
    • Easier on the hands:  no sharp strands that cut
    • Torque-free:  the weave lets the rope more likely just drop to the ground if it ever breaks
    • Malleable:  easily bent, rolled up, folded and brought back to shape
    • Buoyant:  able to float on water
    • Color options: orange or black
    • Fitted with high-end hardware:  silver or black Safety Thimble or tube thimble and Excel hook
    • Synthetic rope:  made from a high-strength rope

    That’s right – you did read that last bullet correctly. The rope for our winchlines is woven from a high-tech fiber called, “Dyneema® SK-75.” It is made in the Netherlands and yields the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any fiber known today.

    Life safety, strength and reliability are the primary reasons Viking makes its winchlines from Dyneema rope. Our winchlines have a minimum breaking strength that is 30% higher than steel, but if our synthetic winchlines ever do break, they are less likely than steel to cause damage. Due to their light weight, they store a very low kinetic energy. Synthetic rope is known to often just drop to the ground if it breaks. Compare this to the violent force of steel cables that rotate and lash outward in an unpredictable trajectory. The strands at the broken tip of a steel cable are capable of causing deep and severe skin lacerations that may even lead to death. A simple blow from a length of the unbroken portion of steel cable can be deadly. Viking winchlines are the top choice worldwide for people that do not want to “roll the dice” on their life or their ability to get out when they choose to.

    Compared to other synthetic winchlines, Viking winchlines are:

    • Stronger: The splice you will find on the winchlines of several of our competitors causes the winchline to be at least 10% weaker than ours.
    • Original: Viking pioneered the manufacture of various color options for winchlines. Before anyone else, we also brought to the forefront a hot alternative to tube thimbles and hooks: our signature Viking Safety Thimble.
    • For people that know: From veteran offroad racers and rock crawlers to overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts to search and rescue, fire, police, military, and even aviation and space professionals – people that know quality and don’t have the time or inclination to fail – these are the people that regularly choose Viking Winchlines.
    • Cooler looking: Even if you are new to offroading or have never seen or heard about synthetic winchlines, that has no bearing on your ability to determine what just looks cool. Viking designs and pioneers the latest and hottest recovery gear on the market. Everyone else just follows.

    Additional Features

    • Each line comes complete and ready to install
    • Detailed installation instructions are included
    • Each line comes with an 8’ heavy duty polyester abrasion sleeve
    • Urethane coated for abrasion resistance
    • Superior wear
    • Each line comes with a special drum connector hardware fitting most winches. Most other winches simply fit the winchline without the drum connector.
    • UV stabilized to endure many years of exposure to the hot sun
    • Engineered to withstand the extremes of marine weather
    • Easily inspected and field spliced (repaired)
    • Made in the USA

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