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Viking Winch GS-9

    Product Description

    The GS-9 Viking Winch is the perfect self recovery tool for your 4×4.  Whether you use your 4×4 for work or play this winch is ready to get you unstuck.  The GS-9 winch is not a cheap Chinese made winch that may not work when you need it or hold up from heavy use.  The GS-9 winch is made to withstand every day use, and if it has not been used for a few years it will turn on since it has fully sealed Albright Solenoid.  Heavy duty contactors in the remote also ensure positive electrical connections making the winch come to life when needed. The Viking Winch GS-9 is a superb winch employing proven technology from years of research, development and most importantly use in the field.  It has a proven track record from the hottest desert in the world Death Valley to the coldest place on earth Antarctica.  This winch has proven itself by the modern day Vikings in the California Deserts, Iceland and Antarctica all the way to the South Pole and everywhere in-between.

    The Viking Winch is available in its default form without a winchline or fairlead.  Please choose one of the winchline options if desired.


    • Light Weight, powerful with low amperage draw
    • Unique TieBridge™ (patent pending) reduces weight, increases rigidity and improves winchline room / reducing obstruction
    • TieBridge™ is precision CNC machined from billet aircraft aluminum with a hard anodized black finish
    • Fast high efficiency performance with low amperage draw
    • Heavy duty motor delivers superior torque for maximum power
    • Control box designed to be remotely located, may also be mounted to motor
    • Submersible sealed contactor with silver-alloy contact pads, thick copper buss bars and submersible construction ensures weather resistance.
    • Patented Cone Brake Structure – “Brake outside the drum” – allowing for rapid heat dispersion.
    • Tough Aluminum alloy housings, with large roller bearings for durability
    • Ultra heavy duty winch drum specifically designed for the stress of synthetic rope
    • Industrial grade waterproof remote control comes with a thermometric LED indicator on the hand-held switch that automatically alerts when the motor is over-heated.
    • Rugged and quiet 3-stage steel planetary gears for maximum mechanical efficiency.
    • An ergonomic T-handle positively engages the free spool clutch through multiple evenly spaced locking holes for rapid rope payout. The entire clutch can be rotated to reposition the T-handle in multiple locations.
    • Winch Made in Taiwan, Winchline and TieBridge™ made in USA


    • Minimum Rated Line Pull:  9,000 lbs (4,082 kg) single line
    • Line Speed – No Load: 46 FPM (feet per minute)
    • Line Speed – Full Load: 7 FPM
    • Motor:  4.6 hp / 3,430 w 12V Series Wound
    • Gear Ratio:  3-Stage Planetary 156:1
    • Clutch (freespooling):  Rotating Ring Gear
    • Brake (outside of the drum):  Automatic, full load CBS (Cone Brake Structure)
    • Winch Construction:  Aluminum Die Cast Housing with Heavy Duty Steel Drum
    • Drum Size:  2.5” x 9” (63.5 x 229 mm)
    • Winch Controller:  Waterproof remote with thermometric indicator LED with 17′ (5 m) cord
    • Rope Size and Type:  3/8″ x 80′ Synthetic Viking Winchline
    • Fairlead: Viking 245 Series in black with Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10” x 4.5” (254 x 114 mm)
    • Winch Weight: 56 lbs (25.4 kg) without control box, winchline or fairlead
    • Winch Weight: 68.8 with Control Box, Fairlead and Winchline with Safety Thimble.  70lb with winchline with hook.
    • Shipped Weight: 83-85 lbs (37.6-38.5 kg) Depending on configuration
    • Box Dimensions  25.6” x 7.7” x 16.3” (650 x 192 x 415 mm)


    • SLimited Lifetime Warrantee for Mechanical Components
    • Limited One (1) Year Warrantee for Electrical Components

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