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Viking Safety Thimble #2 Black

    Product Description

    Viking Offroad Safety Thimble is the original Safety Thimble, designed by Blaine Johnson.  The Safety Thimble is designed to prevent the thimble from getting pulled into the fairlead where most accidents happen in winching, often due to winch “run-on” from electric winches.  The Safety Thimble is designed to be used with 3/4″ shackles. The thimble can be pulled tight against the fairlead which keeps rattles from happening.  The Safety Thimbles is also lightest option for a winchline ans specifically designed for use with sythetic ropes.  


    • Heavy duty precision CNC machined 6061 aluminum
    • Ideal for 5/16″ and 3/8″ ropes
    • 3/4″ Shackles fit either direction into the Safety Thimble
    • 7/8″ shackles fit pin in hole only
    • Lightweight
    • Round back end to safely stop winchline at fairlead
    • Color: Black Anodized with Electrolytic Two Step Process that resists fading
    • Made in California, USA


    • We recommend class II splices with lock-stitching. These are the strongest splices for 12 strand rope, which we use on all our splicing for our Winchlines, Winchline Extensions and Rigging Lines.
    • We also recommend our rope repair Splice Kit to ensure you have the right tools to make a safe and correct splice.
    • Addition of Safety Thimble Isolator as a cushion to protect your fairlead finish

    NOTE: Safety Thimbles are designed to be used with shackles for rigging.  Hooks can not be used.

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