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How to convert from the full Viking Fast Back top to a Safari Top

    Here are the detailed instructions for setting up a Safari top for your vehicle:

    1. Begin by unlocking the cam buckle (A), which is typically located on the straps securing the Safari top. After unlocking, remove the hook from the gutter lip (B) on the vehicle.
    2. Flip the Safari top (C) all the way forward until it reaches the attachment line (D). This step helps prepare the top for removal.
    3. Locate the zipper cover (F) and the Velcro strip (E) that attaches to the rear window. Carefully open the zipper cover and unfasten the Velcro. Once this is done, unzip the rear window all the way up on both sides.
    4. Remove the rear window bar if there is one, and flip the rear window (G) over on top of the vehicle’s roof, pushing it all the way forward. This step clears the rear window area.
    5. Proceed to remove the side windows from the gutter lip on the vehicle’s body. Also, detach them from the back of the door surrounds.
    6. With the side windows removed, flip them on top of the roof, placing the supplied protective felt material between the windows to prevent scratches or damage.
    7. Line the windows up next to each other and take note of a cut (H) in the plastic that fits into the body channel. This cut is where you’ll fold the sides of the windows forward to prepare for storage.
    8. Make sure everything is straightened up neatly, ensuring that the windows are well-aligned and secured.
    9. Carefully pull the Safari top back over everything, including the folded windows. Reattach the straps that you unlocked earlier and tighten them securely.

    By following these steps, you should now have successfully set up your Safari top for your vehicle.

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