UTP Tire Repair Kit

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  1. Sub Par

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Feb 2014

    Not the high quality product I have come to expect from Viking. Razor cheap and flimsy, same with tire pressure gauge.

  2. Never leave home without it!!!

    Posted by Will on 8th Mar 2013

    The only kit i have found with everything you need! Every component of this kit is high quality!

  3. High quality tire plug tools

    Posted by Gwagen666 on 20th Nov 2012

    Havent had to use yet but it comes with everything you need in a small compact case

  4. Awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Nov 2012

    Great kit for the money, has everything you need!


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Product Description

The UTP Tire Repair Kit is a comprehensive kit that includes all the tools needed for most emergency tire repair situations. Best of all it is very compact so it fits nicely in a lot of spaces in your vehicle.

Easy 3-Step Process That Plugs Holes in Tires To Get You Back Home!

Kit Includes:
1 Side cutter type pliers
1 Heavy Duty Ream Tool
1 Heavy Duty Insert Tool with Collar
30 Vulcanizing Plugs in black or brown
2 Valve Stems
1 Four Way Valve Stem Tool which includes a Tire Deflator
1 Razor knife
1 5-75 psi Pressure Gauge
1 Can lubrication for Ream Tool
1 Compact Cordura Bag
1 Laminated Photo Directions
  • Ultra compact
  • Measures only 8" x 5.5" x 2"
  • Complete line of tools for vitually all emergency tire repairs
  • Quality tools to get the job done right and to get you home
Unfortunately, Triple AAA does not answer the call when your'e stuck with a flat tire on the trail.  With our Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit you will be back on the trail in no time! Our Off Road Tire Repair Kit has everything you will need to repair Any Tubeless Tire.  This kit includes instructions for an easy 3-step process that comes with color picture directions that you will have no trouble following on the trail. Using pliers supplied remove debris ( i.e nail, thorn, screw ). Now apply lube supplied to the Heavy Duty Ream Tool to prepare the puncture. Next step insert half of Vulcanizing Plug into Heavy Duty Insert Tool. Insert Plug into the puncture, slide the collar toward the tire, hold, then pull insert tool handle leaving behind the plug. After plug is in place use the razor knife to cut excess plug material. Although not recomended or DOT approved, our UNIQUE Install Tool that comes with a special slide collar has been known to be used to install multiple plugs into any puncture to get you back to camp. We also feel it is neccessary to provide you with an extra Valve Stem for any unforseen circumstances and a 4-Way Valve Stem Tool that allows you to remove Valve Stem Core, Repair ID and OD threads, and can be used as a Tire Deflator or Valve Stem Installer. This Kit is used by Off Road professionals and enthusiasts. Don't hold up the trail with a flat tire, get the Kit that will get you back on the trail fast with a plug you can rely on.

Viking Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit: Everything Needed for Puncture Repair
It is very much likely that we come across situations, where you are left with a flat tire on your trail. A tire puncture can happen anywhere, especially when you are travelling off road. Thus, it is essential for everyone to carry a tire repair kit while travelling. However, you must also be a little careful while choosing a kit. 

Now, Viking brings you the ultimate Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit, which comes with manual containing basic directions. The directions are described using color pictures. Thus, you can easily follow it during the trail. The Viking Tire Repair Kit is embedded with all essential tools required in a perfect condition. It is gaining popularity amongst the off-road travelers due to its easy-to-operate tools. 

The Tire Repair Kit contains pliers with which you can take out the debris. With the Ream tool, you can create the puncture needed by applying the lubricant, which is also supplied with the kit. The Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit provides 30 pieces of Vulcanizing plugs that can be inserted with the Heavy Duty special Insert tool. Now, by sliding the Collar, the Insert tool’s handle is pulled out leaving the plug inside.

The Tire Repair Kit also comes with a Valve Stem and one 4-way Valve Stem tool. All these equipments come in a water resistant Cordura Bag. So, do remember to buy a kit for yourself and take it whenever you are on a road trip, as you never know when you need it.