Tiedown Strap: Frontrunner "Stratchits"

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  • Pair of Stratchits by FrontRunner
  • The hardware that makes it possible for the Stratchit to ratchet down.
  • Carabiners serve as connection points for the Stratchit.
  • Another view of the carabiner
  • Example of how a storage box ties down to a refrigerator slide.
  • Cordura sheath adds protection
  • Stratchits adjust from a length of 20 inches to full length at 60 inches.
  • A Stratchit can also be connected to another Stratchit or latched onto itself.

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Product Description

These tie-down straps can secure many different items to your roof rack, on the inside of your vehicle and to other items. They have even been used for a variety of creative applications (e.g., dog leash and modified door stop!). Two very practical features of this strap are that it ratchets and stretches to easily and securely tie down just about anything that it can wrap around.

Adjustable length: from 22 to 60 inches

Breaking strength rating: 300 Lbs.

Here's a list of a few of the things on which you can use this Stratchit to secure to the top of practically any roof rack or on the inside of your vehicle:

  • Storage boxes and cases
  • Adventure sports equipment (e.g, bikes, snowboards, skis, fishing poles)
  • Firewood bundles
  • Luggage
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tables and charis
  • Refrigerators

NOTE: A purchase quantity of "1" means that you are buying one pair.


It is important to thoroughly read and understand how to safely use the Stratchit and to know the limitations of how it can be used safely. For your safety and that of others, please follow all guidelines and err on the side of safety when in doubt.

  • Do a visual scan of the Stratchit before tying anything down and also over the course of your trip. You're checking for any wear and tear, fraying and nicks that could compromise the rated strength of your Stratchits.
  • Make sure that the connection points or the areas to which you will tie down the Stratchit are strong enough to support the Stratchit and whatever it is tying down.
  • Tighten the Stratchit only by hand and do not over-tighten.
  • In case the Stratchit comes loose and slips out of your control, be sure to stand off to the side away from the direct path of the Stratchit.
  • After initially securing your items, particularly those on the outside of your vehicle, be sure to stop after a few miles of driving to check whether any items have shifted. Then is a good time to further tighten down those particular items that have loosened a little on the initial few miles of your trip. Check on everything every 50 miiles thereafter.
  • Know that aerodynamics and other normal forces that occur while driving can cause your items to shift suddenly and sometimes unpredictably even while tied down with the Stratchit. Be generous with the number of Stratchits you use to greatly reduce the probability of something coming loose. Additionally, slow down and drive with caution to minimize the chances of an item getting loose.
  • Use your your judgement and common sense to assess working loads and whether the Stratchit appears overloaded or under too much tension.
  • Never use the Strathit to support human weight. EVER.
  • Store the Stratchit away from the heat, the sun, the elements, and particularly extreme weather conditions. You will extend the lifespan of your Stratchit by doing so.