Tacoma Roof Rack / Bed Rack - Slimline II by Front Runner

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  • Mounts over the roof and the bed.
  • T-slot design lets you bolt down equipment just about anywhere.
  • Full view top side
  • Full view bottom side
  • Foot Raills 1
  • Foot Raills 2
  • Mounted on a Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
  • Double Cab Close-Up
  • Close-Up of the Slats
  • Sturdy Joint Design

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This versatile roof rack and bed rack fit the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab for the years 2005-present (1995+ for bed racks with no factory rail mount) . It is lightweight, yet strong and durable. Its low profile also makes it relatively aerodynamic.


Made of aluminum, this rack is about 1/3 the weight of a comparably-sized steel roof rack.


It is made of high-density aluminum, and uses a patented design joint support for its load-bearing slats that slide into a double-walled  aluminum extrusion channel. The L-shaped design of its front and rear support slats help to make it among the strongest (if not, the strongest) racks you will find on the market.


With a low profile that gives it a modern sleek look, it eliminates the need for the rails you will find on the more traditional basket-style roof racks. This lessens the drag, making your truck more aerodynamic.

Among its most unique features are the slats that make up most of its structure. They form a modular tray that can be shortened in length or turned into a completely flat surface. The slats slide into side aluminum profiles, and then a front and rear aluminum profile complete the tray to form a frame around the slats, which are typically spaced out evenly. Like the spacing between regular roof rack bars, the spacing between the slats on the Slimline II provides an area through which to thread rope and bungee cords and ultimately tie down articles and equipment on the rack. Some users like to use the slats in that way, but a unique advantage of this rack is the T-slot that runs the length of the slat. Accessible from either side of the slat, the T-slots will give you an easy way to firmly secure your gear without the need for ropes and bungee cords. Bolt-down accessories are sold separately, and the required accessories depend on the type of equipment you will bolt down.

You have the option of purchasing more slats to fill in the spaces between the slats that come with this rack out of the box. That transforms the tray into a completely flat surface on which to sit, or for some people, to lie down. It continues to be functional for purposes of securing your gear because of the T-slots through which all your equipment can be bolted down.

Looking for yet more surface area over which to secure additional equipment? Just add another rack and mount it over the bed of your truck!

Included in the Roof Rack Kit for the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab (2005+) 

  • 1 pair of foot rails (left and right side) to mount the rack on the roof : 58mm height (approximately 2.3 inches)
  • 1 wind deflector
  • 1 tray (L x W x H): 45.9" (1165mm) x 53.5" (1358mm) x 2" (50mm)

*Rack's approximate weight: 51 Lbs. (23kg)

Included in the Bed Rack Kit for the Toyota Tacoma (2005+, with factory rail mount) 

  • 1 set of installation instructions
  • 1 wind deflector
  • 2 pairs universal legs for the bed tray
  • 1 nut kit for the Toyota Tacoma / Toyota Tundra (2005+)
  • 1 bed-sized Slimline II Tray (L x W x H): 56.1" (1425mm)  x 53.5" (1358mm) x 2"  (50mm)

*Rack's approximate weight: 53 Lbs. (24kg)

Included in the Bed Rack Kit for the Toyota Tacoma (1995+, with no factory rail mount) 

  • 1 set of installation instructions
  • 1 wind deflector
  • 2 pairs universal legs for the bed tray
  • 1 pair of pickup bed tracks 39.4" long (1000mm)
  • 1 bed-sized Slimline II Tray (L x W x H): 56.1" (1425mm)  x 53.5" (1358mm) x 2"  (50mm)

*Rack's approximate weight: 56 Lbs. (25kg)

These racks are made of a T6 aluminum that is powder coated black. Some of the mounting hardware is made of aluminum as well. Other mounting pieces in this kit are made of 3CR12 stainless steel.

8mm bolts fit into the t-slots on the slats as well as the edge profiles.

Determining Height

To determine clearance above your roof, know the height of your vehicle to the roof. From the roof, add that height to the height of the foot rails in this kit (2.3" or 58mm) and also the height of the tray (2" or 50mm). The total should be your approximate clearance.