Welcome to VIKING where the history begins with two Icelandic brothers.

Jón and Thór both grew up in Iceland, where the Jónsson family lead the fishing gear industry in engineering and innovation.  After moving to the United States in 1976 the Jónsson family continued leading in the fishing industry centered in Washington State.  in 1994 Jón acquired Gourock, a company established in 1736 which made ropes, sails, fishing gear and today includes sports netting of all sorts.  After graduating from the University of Washington College of Architecture, Thór went on to learn construction trades to better understand architecture, then moved into the world of corporate architecture and interiors. He later specialized in design of technical buildings for pharmaceutical and biotech research and development.

The Jónsson family heritage includes a long-standing tradition of four wheeling and overland expeditions back in the old country, with hundreds of square miles of arctic desert, rocks, rivers and glaciers for offroading.   Now in the United States from the mountains of Washington State to the deserts of California the Jónsson brothers continue the tradition and enjoyment of four wheeling and overland journeys.

Jón Jónsson founded as a spin-off company from its parent company Gourock to address the need for high quality recovery gear and great service to the offroad enthusiast.  About the same time Thór Jónsson founded Viking Offroad to design high quality aftermarket parts for 4x4’s.  The brothers worked closely together developing the full range of recovery gear using the best materials and craftsmanship available.

With their enthusiasm for the outdoors, and their extensive background in design and engineering, it was only a matter of time before they emerged on the offroad market with their own line of equipment to bring a tradition of quality to the automotive and outdoor world.

Jón and Thór circa 1967 in dads 1966 CJ-5 Iceland                             Mom, Dad and Uncle Smari near the summer house

1966-cj-5-iceland-w1.jpg 1966-cj-5-iceland-w2.jpg