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Recovery Articles on 8-Lug

Training Association - I4WDTA (International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers' Association

Individual Trainers we have experience with:
Bill Burke - Driving, Recovery and EMT trainer

Eduardo Ruiz - Driving and Recovery

Garrett Porterfield - Driving and Recovery

Harald Pietschmann - Driving Recovery and Guided Trips Baja Mexico

Overland Training - Driving and Recovery

Ricardo Gonzales - Driving, Recovery and Guided Trips

Tom Severin  - Driving, Recovery and Guided Trips





Viking dedicates the bottom portion of this links page to all kids, reminding them there are so many things to be excited and passionate about in day-to-day life. Wherever you find your joy, go all in! Research it, read about it, learn it, explore it, experiment, practice, live it and soak it all in! And don't keep your exciting discoveries to yourself. So many people around the world easily connect with each other and learn and share each others' passions with each other online.

Don't wait to share your excitement until you've mastered it; people will appreciate that you're learning and will appreciate watching you learn along the way because many of them will identify with you. Post your discoveries on Facebook. Put videos about it (and about yourself learning about it and exploring and experiimenting with it) on YouTube. Tweet about it. Upload pictures to Instagram and Snapchat...or whatever other social media platforms you like. And once you've figured that all out, branch out to your next life adventure. The reasons to find joy and excitement in life are endless.

We're reminded of that by our little buddy, Owen, whose teacher reached out to us to let us know how enthusiastic he and his classmates are about their learning experience building scale model vehicles in a summer school class they're taking (summer 2018). Owen, in particular, is a huge fan of the Jeep. Awesome, Owen! So are we! His teacher also mentioned that he came across this link of a page at showing a brief history of the Jeep, and was super enthused to read about it.

Viking has to be selective about which links it adds to its pages, but we felt Owen's pick was an appropriate link to include as a starting point to encourage other kids to learn and read about the Jeep. We also encourage all you kids out there to learn about other vehicles...their history, the models and how they've evolved over the years, and how they work.

Since Viking currently specializes in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, we're including the following links as a starting point to learn about the Mercedes G-Class. This truck is commonly known in the US as a G-Wagen. It's made by German company, Mercedes-Benz, but the biggest market for these trucks is the USA.

Of course, there's so much information out there about these trucks and so many other vehicles, these links are just to get you started. Feel free to read the stories and the articles, watch the videos, and most importantly, have fun!

Some History on the G-Class

G-Class Varieties

G-Class World Adventures 1

G-Class World Adventures 2

G-Class World Adventures 3

G-Class World Adventures 4

G-Class California Livin'

The Popemobile

G-Class & Art

Westward Travel in a G-Class


G-Class YouTube Videos

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G-Class History

G-Class Adventures


AMG 6x6