Mercedes Supercharger for M113 by Kleeman

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    HMS Performance H63 RS700 V8 6.2l Kompressor 515+KW / 700+PS 9...
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Product Description

For the ultimate power enhancement for your Mercedes vehicle (including, but not limited to G500 or G55), the Kleemann M113 Supercharger is the core component to make that happen.

The engine is essentially an air pump, so for more power you need to get more air/fuel mixture through the engine.  This is done most efficiently by means of a system approach where intake and exhaust are "opened up".  This means to pull more air/fuel mixture into the engine by means of a supercharger or compressor (AKA Kompressor). This can be accomplished by turbocharging.  In order to discharge this new additional air/fuel flow; exhaust headers and in some cases the exhaust sytem is modified to balance the incoming air back out of the engine.  To further refine this process other details are enhanced to let the air/fuel mixture free-flow through the system. As the air/fuel mixture travels from the supercharger through the intake manifold, into the heads and back out the heads into the exhaust, it moves against surfaces and sharp edges where  the intake and exhuast manifolds meet the heads.  The heads can be ported and polished and matched to the intake and exhaust allowing for smooth passage with minimal turbulence to unleash hidden power.  This is why the Supercharger is only one (although the main and core) component of the system.  The next items to add are a Free-Flow air filter and Free-Flow headers.  Additional steps are to replace the camshafts that open and close the valves to regulate the amount of air/fuel mixture in and out of the engine.  Cams can have a dramatic additional power and power characteriscts improvements over stock cams. Additionally, fully ported and polished heads along with ECU computer chip modifications further complement the modifications to allow the engine to breathe more freely adding power and engine efficiency.

The Kleemann M113 Supercharger system consists of a Roots style MP112 supercharger from Magnuson.  They are renowned for their efficient, durable and thoroughly tested superchargers.  The supercharger is housed in a cast alloy intake manifold of proprietary Kleemann design with an intergrated air-to-water intercooler.  This is an original design by KLEEMANN that has since been emulated by many OE manufacturers including AMG and General Motors.

For efficient cooling, the coolant is circulated through the independent radiator by an electronic pump complemented by a coolant reservoir that not only increases water volume, but also simplifies the intercooler bleeding process.  This supercharger system develops boost (0.4-0.5 BAR/5.8-8.7 PSI) at very low engine speeds maintaining boost consistently throughout the rev range.  Power increases range from 120-180 HP and 150-200 NM (110-150 lb/ft.), depending on engine size and additional products installed (headers, camshafts, cylinder heads, etc.).  The Kleemann M113 supercharger system is a complete kit ready to be installed by a qualified technician.

We can ship direct to you, your favorite mechanic or you can ship your truck to us and we will install the sytem for you.

Note: Depending on the condition of your vehicle, additional parts may be necessary.

Note about the video: your G-wagen will not be able to do burnouts like this, the car has a 6.3 Liter, is lighter and only 2 wheel drive. But rest assured that the Supercharger will put your G on steroids...