Hutchinson Wheels G-Wagen 16" Beadlock Rockmonster Wheels G-Class

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  • These WA-1207s are the same as WA-1873, except for the slight cosmetic milling change on the outward face of the wheel. See illustrations below.
  • WA-1207
  • WA-1207
  • Image 4
  • WA-1207
  • WA-1873

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 The Hutchinson wheels are legendary in military Gelandewagen, these wheels are true beadlock and are also true DOT compliant and street legal in the USA.  This is about the most rugged wheel for the G-class trucks.

The additional bolts seen on the edge of the rim is what it means to have a true bead lock.  These bolts are not for show, rather pure function to clamp the tire bead between the two wheel portions. Please see the image illustrating this principle below. This becomes extremely useful to "air-down" or lower the tire pressure to increase the contact area of the tire which dramatically increases off road traction.  Airing-down also makes for a much softer ride offroad, where the tires soak up many of the smaller bumps from rocks and crevases.  The drawback of airing down on conventional wheels is the lower the air pressure drops the greater the risk of the tire bead coming off the rim, and thus losing hte effectiveness of a tire.  At higher speeds this can become dangerous.  These wheels allow for zero tire pressure whicl still firmly grasping the tires.  It would not be advisable to lower tire pressure on conventional wheels much lower than 18psi, sometimes 12 can be achieved in snow or sand.  However with the hutchinsons you may easily lower to 7-10 lbs for most situations and 2-3 lbs for snow, sand and loose mud.





  • Military style beadlock
  • Colors: Black, Argent Silver, Silver, custom powder coatings*
  • Ultra heady duty
  • 16" wheels allow for the thickest tire profile for best offroad cushioning
  • Wheel Size: 16" X 7.5"
  • Offset: ET +37mm (1.46")
  • Backspacing: 5.83"
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 5X130mm
  • Hub Bore: 84.6mm (3.329")
  • Load Rating: 3,307lb. @ 65psi (1500.0kg @ 4.48 bar)
  • Weight: 35.6lb (16.1kg) (about 46 Lbs. with the beadlock)
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Balance Type: 'MC' Clip-On


  • W460 (G-Class trucks made from 1979-1989): You need Hutchinson wheels part number WA-0492. You should also purchase one 10mm wheel spacer and install it on the front passenger side wheel to resolve an issue with the tie rod end making slight contact with the inner rim when the wheels are fully articulated.

  • W463 (G-Class trucks made from 1990-present): You need Hutchinson wheels part number WA-1873 (same as the WA-1207 with a slightly different cosmetic design on the spokes - see the two illustration images on the thumbnails).


  • The offset on these wheels is close to the factory ET of 43 (most 463 Gwagens)
  • Part number WA-1873 (and also the currently unavailable WA-1207) is approximately 6 lbs. lighter than the military version.
  • OE Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star center caps (AKA "wheel hub covers") only fit military version Hutchinson wheels (with the flat face). Do not fit WA-1873
  • WA-0492 Military version also available at same price
  • If you presently have steel wheels on G-Class, the accompanying original wheel bolts would likely be too short to properly secure Hutchinson's aluminum alloy wheels to the hub.  If the total thread length is 24 mm, then you would need to acquire longer ones. These 40mm bolts help assure enough thread engagement. A full replacement of all wheel bolts would require that you buy a quantity of 20.

*Contact us for special powder coating colors, please provide mercedes factory color codes

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