G-Wagen Shock Absorbers by OME - ARB

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8.00 LBS
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Product Description

These shocks are recommended for any G-Wagen except the early W460s and G55s, unless if fitted with a complete OME-ARB suspension kit.

Often in stock, but lead times vary from just a couple of weeks to several months. Please inquire for availability before your purchase.

FEATURES - Suspension System:

  • OME Medium FRONT Springs 3028 (recommended for all gasoline powered and optionally with VTS removable winch)
  • OME Heavy Front Springs 3029 (recommended for diesel powered and optionally heavy permanently mounted winch bumpers)
  • OME Medium REAR Springs 3030
  • Gloss black powder coated finish
  • Shock Absorbers: OME Nitrocharger Sport
  • Australian outback tested, proven Old Man Emu suspension systems used on Toyotas and Land Rovers for years if not decades
  • Made in Australia

 NOTE: When ordering the "Complete Suspension Kit - Medium" Included are:

  • One pair Medium front springs 3028
  • One pair Medium rear springs 3030
  • One pair front shocks 60113

Open: 600mm

Closed: 365mm

Top mount: eye

Bottom mount: pin 

Open: 610mm

Closed: 365mm

Top mount: Pin

Bottom mount: Eye


 NOTE: When ordering the "Complete Suspension Kit - Heavy (Diesels & Heavy Winch Bumpers)" Included are:

A note on factory Progressive Spring Rate: Mercedes is very particular in assigning spring rates for variously outfitted trucks, especially the W460 models. It seems they have an endless supply of various colors and number of color marks per spring from one to three. Eventually they ended up eliminating most of these and settling for pretty much one rate for the US based trucks after 2002. Newest models use a softer spring for a comfy ride like Land Rovers. However, the rear coil on all factory G-class springs are progressive rate springs. Meaning the coil wire gets progressively thicker as it gets closer to the center of the coil. This thickness progression correlates with how much weight it can carry. When unloaded the vehicle is designed to sit a little higher on the back end.  After loading up to the max load capacity it settles close to flat or horizontal. This is where the "progressive" part comes in to compensate for the extra load.  Current Jeep Wrangler models also use this technology. Many think this is for a softer ride to soak up small bumps, which this may be true to an extent; however, it is primarily used for the variable load in the back relating to vehicle stance. When offroad my opinion is it makes no difference whatsoever whether you have progressive springs or not, you can’t feel the difference in general.  So for lifted vehicles or rigs made to carry a load over rough terrain this progressive part has nothing to do with ride quality. So a linear rate spring like the OME or most coil springs work well. Contrary to popular belief ride quality comes mostly from the shocks not the springs unless they are really stiff and not matched well to the vehicles weight. If you want a soft ride, buy springs from a new g-wagen and use shocks that are relatively weak to match the springs. Stock Mercedes shocks for the G500's produce a "stiff" ride because they are made for the relatively “stiff” springs and to really hammer on the pavement and rough roads. So, the OME springs that are non-progressive are heavy duty and made for rough offroad driving with a load. Best of all they will not break like the factory springs.

Approximate Shipping Dimensions for One Pair: 24" x 4" x 2"
Approximate Shipping Weight for One Pair: 14 Lbs.