G-Wagen Coil Springs / Suspension Kit by THOR Motorworks

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  1. Softer on the Road

    Posted by Scott on 4th Nov 2016

    Added these springs to the FOX Shocks I already had on my truck....Way softer now, but also better overall control through the suspension cycle, particularly on rebound.

  2. Nice Ride

    Posted by Mike on 17th Oct 2016

    I didnt' like how stiff ride was on the stock setup, so I got a set of these coil springs with the ORC sport shocks, and put them on teh softest setting as Thor recommended. The difference is obvious, and my wife loves it. Good call, Thor

  3. Thor Was Right

    Posted by Chris K on 29th Jun 2016

    I got the full suspension set-up for my 2005 G55 AMG. He told me that the coil springs in this suspension kit would give a little bit more body roll than that the stock suspension on my G. Since I pretty exclusively use this truck in challenging off road terrain, that worked out alright for me. I'm just a little more cautious in low gear, especially over rocks, out of respect for the power that my truck has; if I'm not careful, i can probably snap the axle!

    Anyway, I feel like I got great value for the quality of these shocks and what I paid. And it cam with excellent service from Thor. He got back to me right away to answer all my questions, and he even walked me through a couple of fine details.

  4. heavy duty load bearing.

    Posted by Juan maldonado on 24th Jun 2014

    While I admit that my spring travel may have slight decreased, from my previous spring. I the 10mm difference above the overpriced competition is very noticeable, as is the more stable. My gwagon now sits even with the bumper and winch set up, and does not lower the back when loaded for a trip. Over all I am extremely happy with set up.

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THOR Motorworks Springs for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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    THOR Motorworks Springs for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class
65.00 LBS
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Product Description

We're thinking your G-Wagen could use a lift. The THOR Motorworks coil springs were designed to improve aesthetics and functionality for your G-Wagen beyond what the factory springs could offer. THOR Springs achieve an approximate 70mm lift at the front and 50mm lift at the rear. It serves as a lift/leveling kit that distinguishes your truck above other G-Wagens on the road. Not only will this give that more aggressive stance, but it also lifts the truck high enough to accommodate a larger wheel/tire combo for your G. The nice thing about this lift, though, is that it maxes out the height of your G so that it's high enough to look great, but still remains at the point of good stability and keeps within a safe range that doesn't ruin your caster angle and suspension.

While completely appropriate for use in offroading, these springs are also a great choice for G-Wagen owners that are looking for a softer ride during everyday street driving. Shocks are the primary factor in determining the "softness" of your ride, but coil springs that are too stiif (as some are) will make you feel every jarring part of the road. Not the case with the THOR springs, which offer a little more give to make your city driving more comfortable.

THOR springs are 100% MADE IN THE USA and have a longer life span than factory springs (see image of broken factory springs below). To do this, they improved the variable spring rate design by manufacturing them with a continuous diameter and then precisely adjusting the distance between coils. They are built from 100% shot-peened, high-tensile strength chrome silicon, which makes them even more resistant to fatigue failure.

Finished in Mercedes-Benz Racing Silver-colored powder coating, the THOR springs are a factory-quality part designed to fit perfectly with your G.

NOTE for AMG owners or performance enhanced vehicles (in particular):
For those considering THOR springs for your AMG models, the G55, G63 and G65 in particular, there will be a performance tradeoff between street driveability and performance and offroad performance. The AMG models are designed with slightly lower and stiffer springs to lower center of gravity and to resist the power these AMG engines produce. They are essentially 5,000 pound suv sports cars.  Installing taller offroad springs will increase ground clearance for rocks and obstacles by raising the vehicle and its center of gravity.  Offroad springs are also a little softer for better offroad performance and articulation than the original AMG springs. Therefore, THOR Springs will not be able to counterbalance the high engine power output as well as the original springs. This is a tradeoff that increases off road performance and decreases on-road performance. However, there is only so much that can be done with the springs.  Complimenting your THOR springs with any of the adjustable shocks we offer will help fine tune your suspension for your particular needs and driving style. FOX Shox are an excellent choice of shocks for street comfort, but perform well off road too. Kings shocks perform a little bit better off road, but are not bad for street comfort as well. They are an improvement over the stock shocks. Viking prefers FOX for street comfort. Both can be adjusted to offer the most stiffness in the highest setting for on-road performance.

Recommended additions to complete your suspension lift:

Suspension Kits
For a safe lift and a soft ride on demand, choose from one of two kits we highly recommend:

Premium Option
THOR Springs + Öhlins Adjustable Racing Shocks.  These are the same shocks on the Mercedes-Benz AMG 6x6, developed by Öhlins for Mercedes-Benz.
THOR Springs + RENNtech Adjustable Shocks. For the premium option, RENNtech is the choice for everyone from serious off roaders to overlanders to "soccer" parents and their kids.

Mid-Range Option
THOR Springs + Fox Adjustable Racing Shocks. Competitively priced, FOX Shocks for the G-Class have been redesigned and significantly softened over the prior version that was originally made for military.
THOR Springs + King Adjustable Racing Shocks: Mid-Range Option  - A well-recognized American namebrand for off-road sport racing applications, King Shocks for G-Wagens are an acceptable alternative to the ORC-Bilstein Shocks.

Alternative Shock Options
If you prefer another set of shocks to pair up with these ORC Coil Springs, you can pair them up with shocks that are a reasonable alternative (shown below). Because we mainly recommend that the ORC-Bilstein shocks be paired with the ORC Springs, your choices are simplified in the drop-down menu above. Should you nonetheless opt for different shocks than ORC-Bilstein, simply first purchase your set of four coil springs on this page, then go to the page specific to the shocks you want. 

  • ORC-Bilstein Special Silver Shocks: Mid-Range Alternative #1 - A respectable name in German offroad products for G-Wagens, the ORC-Bilstein Special Silver Shocks offer a medium level of stiffness when compared to other shocks. These are non-adjustable.
  • ORC-Bilstein Adjustable Sport Shocks: Mid-Range Alternative #2 - The ORC-Bilstein adjustable sport shocks offer the same level of stiffness as the ORC-Bilstein Special Silver Shocks when configured to setting 4. Since these are adjustable, they enable you to enjoy a significantly stiffer or softer ride.

Coil Spring Features

  • Silver powder coated finish (Silver is the traditional German racing color)
  • ~70mm lift at front (~2.75”) and ~50mm lift at rear (~2”) - Actual lift depends on your particular vehicle weight
  • Spring material: High Tensile Chrome Silicon
  • 100% Shot Peened - (This process resists fatigue failure and strengthens the spring)
  • Front Springs: 700560
    • 11.5 coil windings, 22.5” free length
    • Linear compression spring rate: 130 Lbs/in
  • Rear Springs: 700565
    • 7.5 coil windings, 16.5” free length
    • Variable compression rate / Progressive spring rate: 230 Lbs/in, 285 Lbs/in, 435 Lbs/in
  • Load Carrying Design: 5,500 lbs - Max 6,600 lbs, this includes all US-made V8 LWB vehicles
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Designed and Made in Southern California, USA

Fits all G-class trucks (provided full suspension kits are ordered - springs and shocks): Fits: W460, W461, W463 body codes - 280GE through 500GE, G320, G350, G400, G500, G55, G550, G63, G65


  • We recommend installing longer brake lines due to the additional lift with these springs.  click here


THOR Springs vs. ORC Springs

With similar characteristics, both are an excellent choice of springs for G-Wagens. Both help soften your ride while lifting your vehicle safely so that your truck remains stable. ORC Springs lift your truck by about 40mm at front and rear while THOR Springs lift and level your truck: 70mm at front, 50mm at rear. Both are powder-coated.
  • Price
  • Place of manufacture: ORC=Germany, THOR=USA
  • Color: ORC=blue, THOR=Mercedes Racing Silver

THOR Springs vs. OME Springs

Both are powder-coated, and both give your vehicle a lift. That's where the similarities end.

  • Price: OME springs are priced
  • Place of manufacture: OME=Australia, THOR=USA
  • Color: OME=black, THOR=Mercedes Racing Silver
  • Stance: OME, like the THOR Springs, tend to lift the rear higher than the front, particularly when no gear or equipment is there to weigh it down. THOR springs have a variable spring rate, so they generally keep the front and rear ends of the vehicle level whether weighed down or not (with the exception of vehicles that are fully-loaded with overland equipment).
  • Stiffness: OME springs are most appropriate for vehicles that are regularly and fully loaded with overland gear and such. For most, they may not be the best choice for daily driving because they offer a very stiff ride. THOR springs are a better choice for vehicles that are not regularly and fully weighed down with gear. THOR springs give a noticeably softer ride than the OME springs The variable rate on THOR rear springs, however, makes them a competitive option for carrying overland gear as well even though OME springs are better for the purpose of carrying heavy gear.
  • Lift: OME=approximately 50mm; THOR=approximately 70mm at the front and 50mm at the rear. 





A note on factory Progressive Spring Rate: Mercedes is very particular in assigning spring rates for variously outfitted trucks, especially the early W460 non-US models.  It seems they have an endless supply of various colors and number of color marks per spring from one to three.  Eventually they ended up eliminating most of these and settling for pretty much one rate for the US based trucks after 2002. Newest models use a softer spring for a little comfier ride like Land Rovers.  However, the rear coil on all factory G-class springs are progressive rate springs. Meaning the coil wire gets progressively thicker as it gets closer to the center of the coil.  This thickness progression correlates with how much weight it can carry. When unloaded the vehicle is designed to sit a little higher on the back end.  After loading up to the max load capacity it settles close to flat or horizontal. This is where the "progressive" part comes in to compensate for the extra load.  Current Jeep Wrangler models also use this technology.  Many think this is for a softer ride to soak up small bumps, which this may be true to an extent; however, it is primarily used for the variable load in the back relating to vehicle stance.  With respect to springs for offroad use, our opinion is that it makes no difference whatsoever whether you have progressive springs or not; you can’t feel the difference in general. So for lifted vehicles or rigs made to carry a load over rough terrain this progressive part has less to do with ride quality. A linear rate spring like most coil springs works well. Contrary to popular belief, ride quality comes mostly from the shocks not the springs unless they are really stiff and not matched well to the vehicle's weight.  If you want a soft ride, buy the THOR springs and use adjustable shocks on which you can set the softest setting so that they match the springs.  Stock Mercedes shocks particularly for the early G500's produce a "stiff" ride. Many have been searching for a softer ride on the street.  THOR Motorworks springs and recommended shock will solve this problem, while providing a balanced performance and handling aspect.

Look Familiar?  These are stock Mercedes progressive springs....broken as usual after a lot of use. THOR progressive springs don't do this.




Please note that the THOR Motorworks Springs will fit on short wheel base vehicles, but due to the lighter weight of such trucks the springs will feel stiff. These springs were made for long wheel base G-Wagens, which weigh approximately 5,500 Lbs.