G-Class Brake Lines & Locker Line Replacement Kit

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  • Aftermarket Replacement Brake Lines Connections (Front)
  • Aftermarket Replacement Brake Lines (Front)
  • Aftermarket Replacement Brake Lines (Front)
  • Aftermarket Replacement Front Locker Line
  • Aftermarket Replacement Rear Locker Line
  • Aftermarket Brake Lines Replacement Kit (Front and Rear) - ORCG6 for W463s with Rear Disc Brakes & 4-Channel ABS (Years 2001-Present)
  • Aftermarket Brake Lines Replacement Kit (Front and Rear) - ORCG2 for W463s with Rear Disc Brakes & 3-Channel ABS (Years through End of 2000)
  • Aftermarket Brake Lines Replacement Kit - ORCG4 for W460s and W461s with Drum Brakes
  • Aftermarket Brake Lines Replacement Kit - ORCG3 for W461s with Rear Disc Brakes

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Product Description

On lifts that are greater than 40mm, we strongly recommend a brake lines & locker lines kit for a couple of reasons:

  1. Stronger: These steel flex brake lines & locker lines are stronger than the original equipment (OE) brake lines provide a firmer pedal feel with easier braking power as a result of reduced expansion in the brake lines. Many Viking customers comment on the noticeable before and after improvement.

  2. Longer: These brake lines & locker lines are suited to match changes to your truck's suspension that are intended for a lift. Those upgrades include:
    • A lifted truck with coil springs that are taller than the stock springs. Aftermarket spring lift kits sold by vikingoffroad.com include THOR Springs (70mm lift at front & 50mm lift at rear), ORC Springs (40mm lift) or OME Springs (50mm front & rear).

    • A change from stock shocks to any aftermarket shocks designed with a stroke length longer than stock in order to fit with longer coil springs. FOX Shox, Ohlins Shocks for lifts, King Shocks, OME Shocks or ORC-Bilstein shocks (both sports and special shocks versions) are all intended for lifts, but will fit with stock springs. Nonetheless, the stroke of these aftermarket shocks will push your brake lines past the point of where the stock shocks would keep your axle. This means that your stock brake lines might extend beyond the length to which they were intended to stretch. 

Viking has not yet been able to confirm whether different G-Class trucks have different brake line lengths. However, a few of our customers have indicated that they did not need longer brake lines. Others have insisted that they needed them. As such, we recommend that you simply buy this replacement kit. Before installation, you can measure these brake lines / locker lines up against the extended length of your axle while it is suspended in the air. Only install once you see that you do need them. If you see that you don't need them, ship them back to us uninstalled at your cost for a full refund on the brake lines. As an alternative to this, install your new suspension with your stock brake lines and locker lines. if you see you need this brake lines / locker lines kit, you can order then, using the chart below to determine which kit to order. 



  1. If you have a G55, please e-mail us your VIN so that we can confirm whether your truck needs eight lines or ten lines.
  2. Locker line lengths for W460s and W461s cannot be verified through use of the VIN, so Viking cannot provide locker lines to accompany the longer brake lines for those trucks.  You will need to find a solution to the locker lines if you lift your truck more than 1.5" (40mm). For this reason lifting your W460 / W461 with the ORC-Eibach lift kit THOR lift/leveling kit is a little more complicated to handle than lifting a W463 with either of those lift kits. At the moment, Viking is unable to assist you with resolving the locker line issue for a W460 / W461.


To determine which of these kits is appropriate for your vehicle except for the G55 as noted above, see the chart below. Note the body type of your vehicle. Then, if necessary, note the year and whether it has drum or disc brakes. If you have a W463, also determine the number of channels for your anti-lock brakes (ABS).


Some of this information may be available through a VIN checker like https://www.searchquarry.com/vin-decoder/, but Viking cannot vouch for the accuracy of that information. For more certainty, check with your vehicle manufacturer or user's manual for help in determining what your vehicle has.


For W463s Only (Brake Lines & Locker Lines)

ORCG61112: For W463 G-Class trucks with rear disc brakes and 4-Channel ABS (from year 2001-present). Comes with 6 brake lines (2 front, 2 rear & 2 at calipers) and 2 locker lines (front & rear).
ORCG21111: For W463 G-Class trucks with rear disc brakes and 3-Channel ABS without ESP (up to end of 2000). Comes with 5 brake lines and 2 locker lines (front & rear)
ORCG11111: For W463 G-Class trucks with rear drum brakes (up to end of 1997). Comes with 3 brake lines and 2 locker lines (front & rear)

For W460s and W461s (not Including PUR/Professional)...(Only Brake Lines are available for purchase due to unknown required locker line length)

ORCG4: For W460 & W461 G-Class trucks (not including PUR/Professional) with rear drum brakes. Comes with 3 brake lines.
ORCG3: For W461 G-Class trucks with rear disc brakes. Comes with 6 brake lines.

For W461s (PUR/Professional Only)...(Only Brake Lines are available for purchase due to unknown required locker line length)

ORCG8: For PUR/Professional G-Class trucks. Comes with 3 brake lines.


For any vehicles that do not have the above brake specs, please contact us.

NOTE: Viking recommends brake lines be installed by a qualified mechanic as the air has to be carefully bled from the system which requires special tools and knowledge.