Adjustable Shocks for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class by Öhlins

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  • Front Ohlins Shock for G-Class
  • Rear Ohlins Shock for G-Class
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Product Description

Öhlins designed and manufactured the first shock suspension kit for the giant G63 6x6 truck. The shocks are now available for the G-Class to give you the perfect complimentary shock absorbers to go with your 40mm lift THOR Motorworks spring kit. True to Scandinavian design and quality standards, the shocks are well suited to the high quality of the Austrian/German G-Class.

This new high performing shock absorber kit based on the ORQ-series for the Mercedes Benz G500/G63/G65 and other G-class has been developed by Öhlins and Mercedes-Benz.

The ORQ 16/46 is a very versatile Off-Road damper for all kinds of rally raid vehicles, rally trucks and all-terrain vehicles. The damper has a swiveling hose, for increased flow potential and ease of mounting on the vehicle. The ORQ range is designed Off-Road and Rally Raid Cars in mind, as well as similar kinds of vehicles where this layout is suitable. The dampers are of 46 mm piston type with remote reservoirs. They have compression and rebound adjusters together with the Progressive Damping System, PDS. The damper comes with a protecting sleeve and two circlips to help prevent spring wear. The reservoir is now shorter and the compression adjuster has been redesigned.

Here is an accessible explanation from Öhlins regarding the details of show their shocks adjust:

"Öhlins uses a bleed needle and orifice setup for their adjustable damping. Picture a bullet being pressed into the end of a straw....the cone of the bullet making contact with the opening of the straw. It effectively closes the flow of the straw off. That is click “0”, fully stiff/closed. Then imagine moving that bullet a millimeter out of the opening, allowing for a little bit of flow. That is click “2”, and so on. For the fully open setting, the bullet is so far away from the opening of the straw that the flow is completely unobstructed. Even if you moved the bullet closer to closed by a few clicks, it wouldn’t make a noticeable difference because of how much oil is flowing.

The important end of the spectrum is the stiffer end, and that is the end for which Öhlins maintains the tightest tolerances. That way, you can be sure that all of the dampers are matched; click zero is the same for all of them. The discrepancy lies on the open end of the spectrum because it doesn’t affect their functionality.

Additionally, each “click” of the adjuster is only moving the bleed needle a very small amount. So a 5 click discrepancy is only about 1mm of total movement. Considering all of the other parts that need to be dead on, that is a really good tolerance to keep.

Öhlins ensures that the tightest tolerances are kept at the closed end of the spectrum, where it matters."

The kit is based on the ORQ 16/46 shock absorbers with a 16 mm piston shaft in combination with a 46 mm piston. The kit has been tested by LeTech in Germany for Mercedes-Benz and all versions and models of the MB G-class. This suspension provides a longer wheel travel compared to the standard suspension which for some models might require installing longer brake hoses in the front.

Clearance between the wheels and the shock absorber reservoir must be checked. Depending on wheels and tires fitted, this may require the use of extra wheel spacers to achieve sufficient clearance. This is typically only the case with extra large tires.


  • Developed specifically for Mercedes Benz G-wagen, originally for the G63 6x6
  • Öhlins shocks are based on the G63 6x6 with race proven technology
  • 2 way adjustable - soft and sport
  • 2" diameter aluminum body
  • 46mm Piston
  • Racing tech remote reservoir bodies
  • Reservoirs are "piggy-backed" to keep installation simple
  • Öhlins ORQ 16/46 technology 
  • Designed for up to 50mm or 2" lift
  • Designed in Germany and Sweden, Made in Sweden


  • Designed for the G500, G550, G55, G63 and G65
  • Fits all W463 models 1990-current G320, G350, G400, G500, G550, G63, G65 etc.
  • Fits W463 G55 with THOR Motorworks lift kit springs
  • Fits all W460 models with THOR Motorworks lift kit springs (THOR Springs are stiff on most W460 models due to their lighter weight than the later W463)

Part Numbers:

  • Ö-MEO 1N46, Mercedes G-class 4x4 left front
  • Ö-MEO 2N46, Mercedes G-class 4x4 right front
  • Ö-MEO 3N46, Mercedes G-class 4x4 left rear
  • Ö-MEO 4N46, Mercedes G-class 4x4 right rear 

Purchase Options
Shocks Kit: 2 Front & 2 Rear Adjustable Öhlins Shocks
Front Shocks: 2 Front Adjustable Öhlins Shocks
Rear Shocks: 2 Rear Adjustable Öhlins Shocks
Suspension Kit: 2 Front & 2 Rear Adjustable Öhlins Shocks + 2 Front, 2 Rear THOR Coil Springs
Springs Only: 2 Front, 2 Rear THOR Motorworks Coil Springs
Individual shocks also available upon request

Note: Inbound shipping from Sweden is included in the price of the shocks

We recommend the THOR Motorworks Coil Springs to fully complement the experience of riding in your with your new set of Öhlins Shocks. You can purchase them separately here on this page from the drop-down menu above, or simply follow the link to the THOR Motorworks Coil Springs where you can read more about them and also buy them separately.