G-Class Seat Sportline LR by scheel-mann

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  • G-Class Orthopedic Comfort Seats by scheel-mann
  • G-Class Orthopedic Comfort Seats by scheel-mann
  • G-Class Orthopedic Comfort Seats by scheel-mann
  • G-Class Orthopedic Comfort Seats by scheel-mann
  • G-Class Orthopedic Comfort Seats by scheel-mann

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Why would anyone buy seats with a multi-thousand dollar price tag? Comfort and support. It makes all the difference on your enjoyment of the driving experience and where you put your focus. Long-haul trips and bumpy roads can make for a particularly unpleasant ride. Your muscles strain and fatigue painfully over longer stretches of time as they maintain contact in the same position with your seat cushion and backrest. This is particularly so for any driver on most car seats because they are mass manufactured as a sort of one size fits all seat. Since they're not designed to fit the countours, height and width of your particular body, most seats don't offer the support where you need it to keep your body maximally comfortable.

The advantage of scheel-mann seats is that they are designed to fit so many different body types. You will find in scheel-mann a seat that fits and supports your unique body type.

LR Edition seats were originally designed for Land Rovers, but they fit perfectly inside the G-Class as well. The Sportline LR seat has large bolsters, but is narrow at the top and has rounded headrests that match the design aesthetic of Land Rovers that these seats were originally designed for. It's the perfect choice if you want optimum support and an application where space is at a premium.

Of all of scheel-mann's seats these have the largest side bolsters. They offer the great corner support that's particularly important on long bumpy trail rides or road trips. The center cushion that forms the backrest between the side bolsters is designed with a form that cradles and supports your back so well, it helps you to focus more of your attention on the pleasant side of driving instead of what can be the painful side effects of driving, particularly when you have bad seats.

On the side of the backrest is the lever that releases the seat back and enables the seat to hinge forward. As these seats were designed originally for Land Rovers, the release lever is located on only one side of the seat's backrest to avoid contact with the Land Rover's B pillars. The left seat has the lever on the right side of the backrest, and the right seat has the lever on the left.

One unique characteristic of the this seat is its hinging seat cushion. This is where a battery is located on Land Rovers, but G-Wagens don't require a battery in that location, so it can serve as a sort of unexpected secret storage location.


Fits all Mercedes-Benz G-Class trucks


  1. Seat Side: These seats sell in units of 1 seat (left or right). To buy a pair, select which seat you'll add to cart first, then select all its respective options and finally add that one seat to the cart. Then select the accompanying seat for the other side of the vehicle and add all its respective options, then finally add it to cart. This will get you a pair of seats; one for the driver and one for the passenger.

  2. All/Part/No Leather: You can opt for an all-leather seat, or just get leather on the trim and bolsters of the seat. If you choose the latter option, you will next need to then select the fabrics for both the seat body AND the seat cushion. Or, simply choose the "No Leather" option and continue onto the next two options where you'll select the fabric you want for your seat.

  3. Seat body and bolster fabric: See detailed images on our main page for scheel-mann orthopedic seats. Note that your selection in this option will cover the seat body AND bolsters unless you selected one of the options above for leather. DO NOT select this option if you chose All Leather in the option above.

  4. Center cushion fabric: See detailed images on our main page for scheel-mann orthopedic seats. DO NOT select this option if you chose "All Leather" in the option above.

  5. Arm rests: Substantial padded arm rests are available for either side of any seat. They are trimmed to match your chosen bolster material.

  6. Integrated heatingbuilt in seat heaters available with or without a switch.

  7. 4-Way manual lumbar support: These seats already offer superior comfort above most other seats on the market. Add the 4-way manual lumbar support for even more ridiculously-extreme comfort!

  8. Map net: Makes for a convenient location to store your highway maps and similarly thin items.