Fender Flares

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Fender flares are a common modification that follow when you've lifted your truck, widened its stance with wheel spacers, or gotten wider wheels/tires. When you only lift your truck with a taller set of coil springs, you might feel like your tires look to small and your truck looks funny with tires that now seem too small. You might get new larger tires to fill out the gap that exists between your tire tread and the wheel wll, but this then might create rubbing when the wheels are fully articulated. Wheel spacers help to reduce that issue, but they also give your truck a wider, more agrressive stance...a look that many Viking Offroad cusstomers like. When you widen that stance, however, the fender flares sometimes don't reach out far enough over the top of the tires, and you might opt for wider fender flares.

This is section is where you'll find an assortment of fender flares to match what your truck needs and just to suit your personal preference.