Tire Chains

Tire Chains


*Viking no longer offers tire chains, but they are available at Their store specializes in snow chains for 4WD pickups, SUVs and vans

Tire Chain Sizing Table

RUD has been in business for over 130 years developing and perfecting its snow chains. As a German company, RUD is dedicated to quality and innovation. RUD pioneered the use of chains as a traction device and was the first company to develop snow chains. RUD was also the first to develop the diamond pattern track chain making it a foreunner for all track chains in use today.

To find the product that matches your tire size, please click this link for our Tire Chain Sizing Table.

Want an idea about how many pairs you might need to buy? See this advice from two fine driving instructors:

Part Number Weight per Pair Tire Size Rim Size Price

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