ARB 9000 Ultra Light Snatch Block

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Product Description

If you have a winch, you need one of these to complete your recovery kit.  This is probably the best pully block for offroad use  available.  It is light weight for blocks, they are all heavy, this one is uniquely designed specifically for off-raders in mind using synthetic winchlines.  It has a very high strength Delrin plastic sheave or pulley wheel reducing hte weight and perfectly mating with a synthetic winchline.   As with all bulley blocks it is recommended not to use with synthetic IF previously used with steel cables.  the steel cables tend to create sharp burrs that can damage syntheitc lines.

This type of block is a Swing Block, also known in Australia as a Snatch Block.  They allow you to easily attach a block to a winchline already connected to an anchor.


  • 20,000 Lb. Work Load Limit, 38,500 Lb. Breaking strength
  • For Synthetic Winchlines up to 1/2" Diameter
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to use swing block
  • Heavy duty zinc coated side plates
  • Heavy duty self lubricating Delrin sheave (pulley wheel)


You must take EXTREME care while using a pulley block because it will double the mechanical advantage your winch, increasing your risk of snapping your winch line. This is the reason why we recommend against using it for this purpose. Instead, only use pulley blocks for purposes of changing the direction of a recovery, rather than for purposes of increasing the mechanical advantage. Directional change is what we consider the proper use of a pulley block for purposes of off roading. Only use one pulley block in your recovery system (i.e., winch, winchline, bow shackles, hooks, pulley block, etc.).