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ither the serious sports-car-like attributes nor off road truck capabilities of the G-Class need to interfere with your daily comfort. So you've upraded your truck with newer, more comfortable high-end shocks and springs to get the job done. What's next? 

Take a careful look through our growing online catalog of scheel-mann seats. These high-end seats come in a number of options and textile materials to suit your needs and help to subtly (or not so subtly) punctuate a statement about your personality.

Below, determine the options you want for your G-Class, starting with arm rests and integrated heating. Iif these option is available for the particular seat model you want, you will see it in the drop-down options list on the product page for that seat. Your next choice will be the material to apply to your seat body and bolsters. Choose from 6 options. Finally, you will be able to choose the fabric for your center seat cushion. Choose from these options below, then go to the product page of the particular seats you want and select from the drop-down options menu the options you pre-selected.

Substantial padded arm rests are available for either side of any seat. They are trimmed to match your chosen bolster material.  Built in seat heaters available with, or without a switch.
 g-class-seat-option-arm-rests1.jpg  g-class-seat-option-integrated-heating.jpg


A2111: Dark Grey Leatherette A342: Dark Brown Leatherette
g-class-seat-body-bolster-option-a211-dark-grey-leatherette.jpg g-class-seat-body-bolster-option-a342-dark-brown-leatherette.jpg
K115: Anthracite Grey Leatherette S111: Black Leatherette
g-class-seat-body-bolster-option-k115-anthracite-grey-leatherette.jpg g-class-seat-body-bolster-option-s111-black-leatherette.jpg
V110: Black Cloth V120: Grey Cloth
g-class-seat-body-bolster-option-v110-black-cloth.jpg g-class-seat-body-bolster-option-v120-grey-cloth.jpg


BAG: Dark Grey Microfiber BCRD: Black Perlon Cord
g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-bag-dark-grey-microfiber.jpg g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-bcrd-black-perlon-cord-1.jpg
HA09: Grey Salt Pepper Cloth HA10: Anthracite Salt Pepper Cloth
g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-ha09-grey-salt-pepper-cloth.jpg g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-ha10-anthracite-salt-pepper-cloth.jpg
LR01: Grey Five Bar Cloth LR02: Black Checkerboard Cloth
g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-lr01-grey-five-bar-cloth.jpg g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-lr02-black-checkerboard-cloth.jpg
N110: Black Perforated Cloth N120: Grey Perforated Cloth
g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-n110-black-perforated-cloth.jpg g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-n120-grey-perforated-cloth.jpg
RODE: MB Rodeo S158: Brown Cloth
g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-rode-mb-rodeo.jpg g-class-seat-option-center-cushion-fabric-s158-brown-cloth.jpg